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K. Potts (RN)

The idea of spending money only if we have it should apply to government as well as to businesses and families. I do not understand why so many would approve of overspending. Why is it that the easiest path to take is to raise taxes? The basic needs must be met first and then spend the extra on the "special interests." And, why is there so much criticism of one who is trying to straighten out the mess left by Davis? This is not a job I would want to try to tackle...

And, about the unions. I am required to have the dues taken out of my paycheck, whether I agree with it or not. I do not support the CNA's "fight" with Arnold. I agree that we need the ratios, but we are already ahead of the rest of the nation on that. It's great. Why must everything be perceived as an "attack?" Can't you see that he is trying very hard to make sure that we actually HAVE the money everyone wants spent?

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